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Meet the Rwenzori Mountains: Home to the Ugandan Vanilla Bean

Our mission is simple: To introduce the real taste of Vanilla to all Canadians by supplying the brands they love

The world needs more natural vanilla

95% of the Vanilla we consume is synthethic. With the growing demand for natural flavors, more food brands and consumers want natural vanilla.


However, there are challenges:


  • Natural Vanilla is expensive

  • It's difficult to source quality Vanilla

  • There are concerns on ethics- Do farmers get fair prices?

There are few countries that grow Vanilla

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Madagascar is the # 1 supplier of Natural Vanilla in the world, supplying ~80% of the market. 

The world's reliance on Madagascar for Vanilla is costly - the island is prone to cyclones and bad harvests can cause large price fluctuations in the market

A tight supply chain is one of the reasons why Natural Vanilla is so expensive

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We can increase supply by supporting more farmers to grow the crop

A balanced market is a win-win situation for both farmers and consumers. By buying Vanilla originating from other countries, you can contribute to diversifying the Vanilla industry and building more sustainability in the industry


We believe that by increasing Vanilla production in other regions, we can make natural Vanilla more accessible and affordable. This is one of the reasons why we support the Ugandan Vanilla Bean, grown in Uganda. 


.....and preserve the biodiversity of this plant

The future of the Vanilla bean is threatened by synthetic alternatives and other "natural" sources such as the beaver's secretion

We bet on the Ugandan Vanilla bean.
What about you?

Uganda is the only Vanilla producing country with two harvesting seasons (instead of one like the others), thus providing a fresh supply year-round.

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Join the movement

Join a community of Vanilla lovers that want a better world!
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