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Natural Vanilla for food brands and culinary lovers

We supply vanilla beans to brands and people that love natural flavors and authentic taste
Are you a brand owner or chef looking to source Natural Vanilla?
You've come to the right place!

Here at Melthom Foods, we understand that you demand the very best ingredients for your recipes. That's why we specialize in supplying nat
ural vanilla, straight from the source. As a wholesale vanilla supplier, we're committed to providing the highest quality products at competitive prices. Our Vanilla beans are ethically sourced, natural and well priced - without ever compromising on quality. Plus, with our bulk savings, you can buy more for less. Local and black-owned, we're dedicated to serving our community.

Changing the face of the Vanilla Industry

Hi, My name is Linda.


A Data Analyst with a passion for natural ingredients. I created Melthom Foods with the vision to be the leading supplier of natural food ingredients in North America. 


Like many consumers, I was frustrated at the lack of authentic taste and natural flavor in my food. I wanted to taste and eat real food. Two years ago, to my surprise, I found out that even the store bought Vanilla in my pantry wasn't natural.

From there started my obsession with Vanilla.... the real one.

I found out that:

  • 95 % of Vanilla in the market is synthetic

  • The price of Natural Vanilla is outrageously high due to supply constraints

  • I could do something about it!

I hope you will enjoy our selection of carefully curated Vanilla beans and fall in love with our social mission -  to bring more sustainability and diversification in the Natural Vanilla industry.

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What makes Good Vanilla Beans? 

Indulge in the rich and bold flavor of our Natural Vanilla Beans. Hand-picked and ethically sourced from Uganda, our beans are of the highest quality and will elevate the flavor profile of any dish or dessert. The moist and plump beans are full of caviar, with an oily sheen that is a testament to their freshness. Order now and experience the best vanilla beans on the market.
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Bigger & Bolder Vanilla beans

Ditch the shriveled, tiny and expensive vanilla beans from your grocery store. Our Vanilla beans are longer and larger than most in the market. This means more black caviar and bold taste for your recipes. Choose our vanilla beans for an unbeatable taste experience that will elevate your cooking.
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Which Vanilla bean variety to choose?

You may wonder - which Vanilla bean variety to buy?  Our Ugandan Vanilla beans tend to be more plump than other varieties in the market. But ultimately, we encourage our customers to focus on the taste. Which taste profile do you need? Our Vanilla beans are pungent with a bold flavor that will turn your recipes from good to great. 
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Indulge in the Richness of Natural Vanilla Beans

We believe that Natural Vanilla should not be exclusive to private chefs but accessible to all. Our selection of curated Vanilla beans bring the authentic and bold flavor of Vanilla to your recipes. 
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Why choose us? 

As a wholesale supplier, we can supply high-quality Vanilla beans & powder at competitive prices. Our natural vanilla is sourced from one of the richest soils in Uganda and we take our responsibility for the environment and local communities seriously. You can be sure that all of our products are ethically sourced and produced, with a focus on sustainability and fair trade. Our bulk savings ensure that you can enjoy our fantastic products at better prices.

01. Natural

All Natural with no preservatives

02. Quality

You can expect the same quality, all the time

03. Ethical bean

We pay fair prices to our suppliers

04. Black owned

Support a local and black-owned business

05. Bulk Savings

We have one of the best bulk prices in the market

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